Mindfulness Workshops for Children and Families

If you observe a child’s animated face watching a beautiful flower in bloom or the unadulterated joy found in splashing in a rain puddle, you will find an important lesson to learn. They are fully present in that moment with a sense of curiosity and wonderment. However, as they got older societal expectations and pressures and the technological distractions play an key role and they find it hard to be present, be aware and be mindful. They need help.

It is challenging to support children to be mindful when by example we foster “mindlessness” without realizing it. If you are answering your phone, checking messages or social media postings while trying to interact with your child you give them a message that paying attention and listening isn’t important. When our children observe our acts of kindness, they learn to be compassionate. When we share our failures and rise from them, they learn resiliency.

We can encourage our children to be mindful by being their model of mindfulness. Our Mindfulness for Families workshop is designed for families with children aged 4 – 7 in a group setting.

In this   workshop you and your family will:

  • learn the fundamentals of a mindfulness practice
  • develop techniques to bring mindfulness into your daily routine
  • create a “Moody Jar” – a fantastic tool for coping with overwhelming emotions
  • partake in a mindful eating exercise
  • explore ways of creating happier and present family interactions
  • understand how to use gratitude and compassion to strengthen family bonds

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